Change Your World...

Wow. It's been two months since I've last blogged. To say life has been busy since the summer got here would be a huge understatement I guess...But I'm going to try to get back into this blogging groove and wanted to share something we talked about at our Connexion Students worship gathering last night.

Last night at our SHOCKWAVE worship service, we talked about how God has given every one of us the ability and call to change our world. But it starts by changing one life at a time. Too many times we feel like we don't have something to offer that can make a difference in the world. But that's just not the case. Here are three things that all of us have that can impact the lives of others in our world.

1. MY STORY - For those of us who are Christ followers, God has given us each a unique story of how he has worked in our lives and how he has brought us into a relationship with him and changed our lives in the process. When we share our story with others, we can help them see how God is working in their own life story as well.

2. MY LIFE - Our world is full of fakes and knock-offs. You can get a fake Coach purse or Oakley shades at any little flea market. You can get knock-off brands of name brand sodas by the hundreds. And, sadly, even the church has become a place known for fakes. But when you and I take our faith seriously and actually live out what we claim to believe, then we can impact our world. People are drawn to God when they see authenticity in us. When we make sure the talk and the walk of our life matches up, then we can impact our world!

3. MY LOVE - Jesus said that the world would know his followers by the love they showed for others. The way that we love and treat others gives our faith credibility. Jesus' love forever changed the world. And when we model his love to others, we can change the world too!

You can change the world...But it starts one life at a time! Go be a world changer!