Jesus At The Center

This past Sunday at Timber Ridge Church we kicked off a brand new series called Triple Dog Dare.  In the first week I dared people NOT to put Jesus first this year.  Yes, you read that right.  If it sounds crazy, heretical, or weird to you, then I encourage you to check out the message HERE.

I've taken the dare myself for this year.  I'm refusing to put Jesus first as just one more priority in a long list of segregated items in my life.  Instead, I want Jesus to be the center.  I don't want Jesus THEN some other things in life.  I want Jesus IN all things in my life.  I want Jesus to be the center.

Here are just a few ways I'm seeking to live this out this year in a practical way:

  • In My Relationships: IThis year I want to keep Jesus at the center of my relationships by loving people right where they are in life and by believing the best about the people God's placed in my life.
  • In My Daily Life: If I'm going to keep Jesus at the center of my daily activity, then I have to spend time with Him each day.  I'm going to take my daily time in God's Word & in prayer to a new level.  And I'm excited to use the R.E.A.P. Bible Study plan we have at Timber Ridge as a tool to do that.  You can find out more about R.E.A.P. by clicking here.
  • In My Outlook: I truly belief if Jesus was the center of our lives, our schedules & focus in life would change.  We'd spend more time with family & less time with Facebook.  We'd spend more time complimenting and less time complaining.  Keeping Jesus at the center means more time with the people who are most important, more time doing the things that matter most, and more time using my words to build people into the kingdom.
As I look forward to 2013, I want a year where Jesus is at the very center of all I am and of all I do.  These are just a few areas I'm thinking through as I make this commitment for the new year.  I'd love to hear how you plan to keep Jesus at the center this year.  Comment away and share your ideas & plans with us!