The New Timber Ridge Kids Take-Home

Hey Timber Ridge Parents! I am pumped about a great new resource that our kids team is putting into place to help parents get involved in the spiritual growth of their kids. Each week the KidRidge team (grades k-6th) will be posting a weekly review online with ways you can engage your kids with the topic from the previous Sunday.  What a great way to help parents in leading their families spiritually!

Here's the first installment...Check it out!

#1: Watch this video with your kids. Trust me, they will want to see it again! Then read the story of Noah with your kids from the Bible in Genesis 7.  

#2: Talk about it as a Family. 
  • How would the story have changed if Noah would have been talking when he was supposed to be listening to God?
  • Are there times when we talk when we are supposed to be listening?  
  • Think of some times when it is really important to listen.  How can we do a better job as a family of listening to God?
#3:  We talked about four expectations for KidRidge. See how many your kids can name. Here's the cheat sheet if they need some help:
1.  Listen Now, Talk Later
2.  Keep your nametag and wristband on
3.  Put others first
4.  Make a new friend

As a pastor and a parent, I'm so thankful we have a kid's ministry leaders who are helping to make it easier for us to talk about faith with our kids at home! Way to go team!


Leadership Links

I've spent a lot of time studying the topic of leadership lately. I sincerely want to be the best leader of the influence, time, and opportunity that God gives me to impact others.  In the past week, I've come across some great thoughts about leadership from a few incredible leaders across the nation. If you want to become a better leader, I'd definitely recommend taking a few minutes to check these out!


Timber Ridge V.O.W.

This week's Timber Ridge Volunteer of The Week is James Dudley!  James serves as a greeter on our Guest Services team, so you've probably seen him smiling and opening doors for people on Sunday mornings. James always goes above and beyond to make our guests and church attenders feel welcome and at home each week.  THANK YOU James for all that you do to serve and make an impact at Timber Ridge Church!

If you attend Timber Ridge & aren't currently serving on a ministry team, I want you to know that YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE by serving!  To get more info about serving & sign up for a team by clicking here.

James Dudley & Pastor Nic


Timber Ridge V.O.W.

This week's Volunteer of the Week (V.O.W.) at Timber Ridge is Landi Haynes.  Landi uses her gifts, talents, and energy each week to serve and lead areas in our preschool kids ministry.  If you have toddlers or younger children, Landi has certainly had an impact on their lives loving on your kids each Sunday.  She consistently goes above and beyond to make sure that our children have an incredible experience and learn about God in a loving, fun environment each week.  THANK YOU Landi for all you to do serve and make an impact at Timber Ridge Church!

Pastor Nic & Landi Haynes