21 Day Fast

Hey Timber Ridgers,
If you missed our weekend worship experience last Sunday, we announced that, as a church, we're entering into a 21 day fast. You can check out the message from Sunday as well as the explanation of the fast by clicking here.

Basically, fasting is making a personal sacrifice in order to ask God to move in and on our behalf. We've decided that we're each choosing something to fast from in order to pray and ask God to move in three ways:

  1. In Us - Asking God to move in our personal lives in a new and fresh way.
  2. In Others - Asking God to use the Easter season as a tool for us to invite our friends and neighbors to Timber Ridge and for them to respond to the message of Jesus' love.
  3. In Our Church - Asking God to guide our upcoming move and to show us as individuals how we can personally be involved with investing in this new facility.
In case you didn't know, our first Sunday in our new facility is April 13th. That gives us a chance to "kick the tires" prior to Easter Sunday. Then, on Easter Sunday, we're committing to go all out in inviting our friends and neighbors to join us as we worship God together. We'll also be taking our first offering going toward our new facility that day.

I hope you'll join us in this fast as we ask God to move in us and through us in our community. To download the MAKE ROOM Fasting Guide, just click the image below. And feel free to contact me if you have any questions!