Move It!

At Timber Ridge Church we're committed to doing whatever it takes to reach people.  In fact, our goal is to make it hard to get to hell from Stephenville & Erath County.  One of the obstacles that any church that is striving to grow & reach people will eventually face is the obstacle of space.  At some point, you simply have to make more space so more people have an opportunity to come and experience a weekend service.

We have been blessed with great momentum & God has been moving in some big ways from day one at Timber Ridge.  God is changing lives and we want to do everything we can to keep that momentum going & continue to see lives changed.  

That's why beginning Sunday, October 9th we will be adding an additional service on Sunday mornings!  Our new service times will be at 9 & 10:30 am.

Why are we already adding an additional service at such a young stage in our church?  I'm glad you asked!  Here are a few of the reasons why:
  • We continue to have new families check out Timber Ridge Church each week.  And our meeting space in our worship center at The Conference Center at The Deluxe Inn where we meet each Sunday is already at about 85% capacity - and that's with already adding a second level of seating at the back.  When new guests come in, typically a few minutes late, the worship area is already pretty full & it is hard for them to find a seat unless they go up to the front row.  
  • Because we have had to add the second seating area toward the back of the worship center where our cafe & welcome center are located, we have had some noise issues with our kids ministries.  Due to the fact that the doors of those two rooms join each other, we've asked our kids workers to stay as calm & quiet as possible.  But let's face it:  Kids can be loud...and we want them to be loud & rowdy & crazy because it means that they are having a BLAST learning about Jesus.  If we move to two services we won't have to use the back area for seating and that will allow our kids to have more fun & make more noise without worrying about disturbing what God is doing in the worship center.
  • We have a passion to see people use the gifts & talents God's given them to serve others and make a difference!  With two services, everyone at Timber Ridge will have the opportunity to attend a service and serve a service.  This allows people to find a way to plug into serving at Timber Ridge without having to miss out on our weekend worship experience.
So how can YOU and YOUR FAMILY make a difference in this move?  Well, I am glad you asked!  If you consider Timber Ridge Church your church home & are a regular attender, I want to ask you to MOVE IT, MOVE IT!  Seriously.  I want to ask you to MOVE IT in two specific ways.

  1. MOVE YOUR SEAT.  I want you to consider attending the 9:00 service with your family.  This helps in two ways.  First of all, it frees up seats at 10:30 which is the most likely time a new guest will check out Timber Ridge.  Second of all, it allows us to start the 9:00 service with a good size crowd & we all know that earlier services are tougher to fill.
  2. MOVE YOUR FEET.  I want to ask you to join us on our Street Team to help get the word out about starting this new service.  We will be meeting in the parking lot of the Conference Center at the Deluxe Inn at 6:00pm this Sunday evening, October 2nd & again on Saturday, October 8th at 9:00am to walk neighborhoods in our community & place invite cards on the doors of our friends & neighbors.  It's vital we get the word out & YOU can help by committing to pass out invite cards at one, if not both, of these times.
Every week God is changing lives at Timber Ridge Church.  We're willing to take bold risks & make big moves of faith in order to continue to see God change lives and transform our community!  I hope you'll consider BUSTIN' A MOVE in order to help other people connect with God through Timber Ridge Church!

(Thanks to Micah Petrea - our super-talented Creative Arts Pastor for the killer video!)