Why Talk About Money?

Yesterday we kicked off a brand new series at Timber Ridge Church called Dollars and Sense.  It's all about understanding the practical wisdom God gives us in His Word about money and finances.   I believe that we're going to see changed hearts and changed lives over the next few weeks and that really excites me!

But you may be wondering why a church would talk about money?  Let me give you a few brief reasons:

  • God's Word talks about money.  Money and finances are mentioned around 800 times in the Bible.  We're called to teach the full counsel of God's Word.
  • Jesus talked about money.  Throughout his life and ministry, Jesus taught about money.
  • Our view and use of money reveals our hearts.  Jesus taught that where our treasure is, there our hearts will be also.  How we spend and use our money reveals a lot about what we really believe about God.  It's just as the old saying goes: "Show me a man's bank account & I'll show you what's really important in his life."
  • We talk about money everywhere else.  We talk about money in our homes, in our jobs, and in our daily lives.  We see commercials and advertisements that tell us how to spend our money.  We are bombarded with messages about money and possessions from our culture.  Why wouldn't we address such a major life issue within the church?