5 Ways to Grow Up

Last week I spent a lot of time thinking about how people grow spiritually. At it's very core, what do people need to know in order to grow in their walk with Jesus? The more I've thought about my own personal walk with God & about what I've learned observing some of my mentors in the faith, I think growing spiritually boils down to just a handful of things as basics. Here's five things I think we need to work on in order to grow in our walk with God:
  1. Study God's Word. - If you are going to grow in your walk with Jesus, you have to spend time in the Bible. Plain and simple.
  2. Pray. - If you want to know God more, you have to communicate with Him.
  3. Serve. - Serving is exercising your spiritual muscles. You have to figure out how God's wired you and how you can use that to make a difference in the kingdom.
  4. Share. - Growing your faith means sharing your faith. People who really develop maturity in following Jesus are people who share the message of Jesus with others.
  5. Find A Mentor. - We all need accountability. We need people to keep us on track. But we need more than that. We need someone to follow. Someone who's been where we want to go and can advise us on the path ahead.
There ya' go. Five things you can do to grow in your walk with Jesus. And we all need to grow.

Because here's the truth: When a baby is learning to eat baby food and drools all over the place people think it's cute. They take pictures and videos of it and share them with their friends. But if the 35 year old dude sitting next to you in Chili's is drooling all over the place as he eats or is still using a bottle, it's really not that cute. It shows that a maturing process hasn't happened.

It's the same when it comes to walking with Jesus. We'll never be perfect. But we can be growing. In fact, we need to be growing. We need to be maturing. We need to be striving to look more like Jesus. That's what following Him is all about.

***If you're in the Stephenville/Erath County area and are interested in learning how to develop these 5 habits of growing with God, I'd love to invite you to our very first Spiritual Growth Group at Timber Ridge Church. It's a small group setting where you can learn how to do the five things listed above. I'd love for you to be our guest. For more info, email me at info [at] timberridgechurch [dot] com.