The Weekend Update

It's been a while since I've shared a Weekend Update, but I'm going to get back in the habit starting NOW.  Here's a glimpse into the weekend at the Burleson household.  Check it out:

  • Friday evening we had some family fun at the pumpkin patch & hay maze that is sponsored by the Stephenville Christian School.  If you're local to the Stephenville area, you should go check it out.  You can find more info here.
  • On Saturday, I ran my first ever 5k!  It was a very cool experience.  I've been training and working out for a couple months now with the goal of being able to finish this 5k by running the entire race...and I did it!  Hayden ran out on the course when I was about 40 yards from the finish line and I even carried him the rest of the way.  It was a big personal accomplishment in my life & I'm already planning to run another race to raise money for charity.

  • Sunday was all things Timber Ridge!  Met a lot of new people and we concluded our Paparazzi series.  You can check out the weekend's message here.  
  • This weekend we start a new series at Timber Ridge called Worst To First: The Bible's Greatest Comeback Stories.  I was already getting pumped up for it this past Sunday.  It's gonna' be a lot of fun!  You can get a sneak peek here.


A Little Link Love

Today I feel like sharin' the love...So here's a little link love on the blog.  Below you'll find a few things that I've found interesting lately & a few things that just happen to be on my mind.  Check it out:

  • A couple weekends ago we talked about Making Monday Morning Matter at Timber Ridge.  It was all about how to use your job to impact the kingdom of God.  I came across a great article today that's full of practical ways to live out your faith at work.  Check it out here.
  • We kicked off a brand new series this weekend at Timber Ridge Church.  It's called Paparazzi.  You can catch the message online here.
  • My wife is an unbelievably talented photographer...and I don't just say that because I'm married to her.  She's about to kick-off some amazingly affordable sessions called Christmas Minis that are perfect for getting that great family holiday pic.  You can check out her work for yourself here.
  • My good friend & fellow church planter Zak White is laying down some LEGIT basic money principles on his blog this week.  He's offering some great practical ways to make the most of your money.  Check it out here.
  • Our Creative Arts Pastor & my friend Micah has started a new venture here in the Ville.  If you're looking for anything audio/video/technical/computer/web he is your man!  Check out his new website here.
  • Earlier this week Pastor Steven Furtick shared some great insights into how to have a meaningful time with God each day.  Check it out here.
  • If you haven't watched this video of the biker in Africa, it is a MUST SEE.  Check it out here.


Move Your Seat & Move Your Feet

This Sunday, October 9th, we're adding a new service at Timber Ridge Church.  We will have two service times, with worship experiences happening at 9 & 10:30 am.  You can read the details as to why we're moving to two services by clicking here, but the short version is that making this move opens up seats and allows us the opportunity to reach more people...and that's what we are all about at Timber Ridge.  

Here are 3 quick, easy ways you can help make this move successful THIS WEEK if you're a part of Timber Ridge.  As your pastor, I want to ask you to make a commitment to reach people this week for the kingdom of God.  Here's some practical ways you can do this:
  1. Get The Word Out.  Pass out those invite cards you received on Sunday, use your Facebook account to share about two services & invite your Facebook friends, and personally invite your neighbors & your co-workers to join us this weekend.  There is incredible POWER in a PERSONAL invitation.  Don't come alone this weekend!
  2. Move Your Seat.  If you call Timber Ridge your church home, commit to making the move to the 9am service for at least the next month.  That way we have more seats open at 10:30...and you can serve in the second service to help first-time guests connect with God & have a great experience!
  3. Move Your Feet.  Meet me this Saturday morning, October 8th, at The Conference Center at The Deluxe Inn to canvass neighborhoods and hand out invite cards letting people know about our new service times.  We're meeting at 9am and everyone will be done between 10 & 10:30am.  It's a small time commitment that can make a HUGE difference in someone's life!
It's all about reaching people who aren't here yet!  And we'll do whatever it takes to reach those far from God with the hope of Christ.  YOU can be a big part of that this week!  Get the word out...move your seat...move your feet...and watch how GOD changes lives because of it all!