Timber Ridge V.O.W.

This week's Timber Ridge Volunteer of The Week is Tim Arpin.  If you attend Timber Ridge, you can see Tim rockin' out on stage each week.  Whether it's lead guitar, bass guitar, or the ukulele, Tim faithfully serves by using his gifts and talents in music to help lead us in worship each week.  Tim also played a huge role in remodeling our current campus.

Thanks Tim for all you do to use your gifts, talents, & abilities to make a difference at Timber Ridge!  You ROCK!

From L to R: Tim's daughter Kristin, Tim and Pastor Micah


Let It Marinate

In the Gospel of John (John 15:5) Jesus says this:  I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

That's a pretty powerful statement. Think about it: What Jesus is saying in this whole story of the vine & the branches (John 15:1-11) is that when we daily remain in Him, we'll be fruitful, effective, successful. But apart from that connection with Him, we can do nothing of real, eternal value: zero, zilch, nada.

Jesus is calling us to a connection with Him. And we do that through spending time in God's Word. Jesus isn't just calling us to simply skim through God's Word, but to truly connect with Him through it.

Jesus doesn't just want us to meditate on it...He wants us to marinate in it.  Jesus is calling us to immerse ourselves in God's Word, to let it soak into us & change us.

Think about it for a second: When you marinate a piece of meat to grill, that's exactly what you are doing.  You are allowing the marinade to soak into the food & change it. It gives it a new flavor!

Jesus is saying this to us:  Remain in me...daily, consistently, regularly...by marinating in God's Word so that I can give you a new outlook, a new heart, a new attitude...a new flavor!

I don't know about you, but I need that every day. If I'm going to be effective & fruitful, I can't do it on my own. I need to let it marinate!

(By the way, if you're looking for a simple plan to read & study the Bible, I'd encourage you to check out the REAP Plan by clicking here.)


Timber Ridge Volunteer of The Week

This past Sunday at Timber Ridge, we started a new tradition of recognizing one volunteer each week for their service & investment in helping accomplish the vision & mission God has given us. It's our way of saying thank you to an individual volunteer each week, as well as recognizing the importance and the investment that all our volunteers make!

Our first ever Timber Ridge Volunteer of The Week (VOW) is Jonna Vandiver!  Jonna serves weekly in our Timber Ridge Kids ministry with our preschool and nursery kids. She leads our kids with enthusiasm and tons of love. She's also one of the first people to step up and serve in other areas outside Sunday morning. She consistently invests and serves to make the vision God's given us at Timber Ridge become a reality.  THANK YOU Jonna! You're the Timber Ridge Volunteer of the Week!


Stay In The Loop

If you attend Timber Ridge, we want you to be connected, updated, and in the know to all the things God is doing in and through our church. We've got several ways you can stay connected and up to date on all things Timber Ridge!

5 Ways To Stay Connected & Up To Date

#1: Facebook: If you're on Facebook, be sure to go and "like" the Timber Ridge Facebook page found here.  It's a fantastic way to stay connected to all things Timber Ridge.

#2: The App: Yes, we have an app for that!  You can watch videos, connect with us on social media, read the blog, give and more with the Timber Ridge Church App.  Click here to get the app from the iTunes store for iPhone or iPad and click here to download the app in the android market for your phone or tablet.

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#4: Text Messaging: You can get updates, reminders, & announcements sent straight to your cell phone (2-3 per week), by texting "timberridge" to 33733 from your cell phone.

#5: Weekly Email Newsletter: We send out a weekly update that includes upcoming events, reminders, and a preview of our upcoming Sunday services each week. If you don't receive the weekly email, click here to sign up. It's a great way to stay connected and in the loop.

So what's keeping you from staying in the loop?  Be sure to take a few seconds now and connect with Timber Ridge via social media, texting, email, and the app so that you'll be able to connect with everything that God is doing at Timber Ridge Church!