Timber Ridge V.O.W.

This week's Volunteer of the Week at Timber Ridge Church is Clayton Iley. Clayton and his wife Jenny are making a huge impact at Timber Ridge. Clayton serves as a host in our worship experiences, helping people feel welcomed each week. He also serves on our Guest Services team on Sunday mornings. Thank you Clayton for all your investment and service at Timber Ridge!

Clayton & Pastor Nic

(You can make an impact by serving at Timber Ridge too! Click here for details on how to get connected on a ministry team.)


Timber Ridge V.O.W.

This week's Timber Ridge Volunteer of the Week is Leslie Killingsworth. When I think about young adults who are making a huge impact at Timber Ridge, Leslie is at the top of that list! Leslie serves on Sunday mornings as a leader and teacher in our Kid Ridge ministry for elementary kids. Each week you'll find her loving on kids and teaching them God's truth. She also serves during the week by hosting and leading a LifeGroup for college girls in her home. Thank you Leslie, for using your time, talent, and ability to make a difference for the Kingdom! 

Leslie & Pastor Jordan

(If you're interested in making an impact by volunteering at Timber Ridge, you can get more info here.)


Timber Ridge V.O.W.

This week's Timber Ridge Volunteer of the Week is Ashley Lindsey! Ashley has been faithfully serving on our Guest Services team for almost as long as we've been a church. Each week you can see her smiling face serving in the Cafe, serving up some great coffee and tasty donuts. Ashley and her husband Matt also serve each week by hosting and leading a LifeGroup and are fantastic leaders, who help minister to others within our church family.

Thanks Ashley for all that you do to serve & make an impact at Timber Ridge! You're helping others connect with Jesus! You ROCK!

(If you'd like to find out more info about using your time, talent, and energy to make a difference by serving others at Timber Ridge Church, click here.)


The Art of Timing

I must confess: I am growing to absolutely love the book of Proverbs in the Bible. Why, you ask? Because it is jam-packed full of practical, put-into-action wisdom for our daily lives.

This morning I read this:

If anyone loudly blesses their neighbor early in the morning, it will be taken as a curse. - Proverbs 27:14

Immediately it hit me: So many times in life WHEN we do something is just as important as WHAT we do. In short, timing really can be everything.

Think for a moment about what this proverb is teaching and you'll see it's completely true! No one likes a neighbor who loudly and obnoxiously blesses them with a way-too-early wake up call. The proverb is saying that even if you're trying to bless someone or encourage them, it can be done at the wrong time.

Consider this:
  • You need to address a failure or misstep on the part of a co-worker or staff member. It's probably not best to do it in the immediate aftermath of the mess. Give the situation some time to cool down.
  • You want to encourage your child to do better at a specific task. That's great! But having that conversation 2 minutes after they've just failed that task is probably not the best time for the rah-rah speech.
  • You want to call and have a long conversation with an old friend. It's probably not best to call during family dinner time.
  • The list goes on and on....
Here's what wisdom is: It's doing the RIGHT THING in the RIGHT WAY at the RIGHT TIME.

It's not just about WHAT we do. If we're really focusing on blessing others, we'll also consider the WAY and the WHEN of how we go about it. That ensures that the blessings we want to pass on to others stay as real blessings and aren't taken as something else altogether!