"Change or Die"...

I've been sitting around on this slow Saturday morning, surfing the web with the TV on in the background...I just realized that "Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares" is on...Basically this incredible chef and restraunteer goes into dying restaurants in England and teaches them how to change in order to save their restaurant...He overhauls everything - the food, the menu, the decor, the staff...And in an advertisement for the show he says, "Change or Die! It's that simple."

As the church we have the greatest message and the greatest hope the world will ever know. Yet, in so many places we refuse to change...and we are dying. In America, we live on the only continent in the world where the church is not growing...We must change or die. The world has changed around the church and it is time for the church to change in order to reach the lost...Our message is the same hope of Christ that we've always shared, but our methods must change to reach those who, by their absence and apathy, have voted today's church irrelevant for their lives.

We have loved our preferences, our traditions, and our comfort more than we have loved the lost. It is time for the church to begin to be the people of God that we are called to be. And it is time for us to focus on our one mission - reaching the lost...And to do that, we must adopt a "change or die" mentality...Whatever it takes to see Christ change lives!

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