The Weekend Update...

Here's the wrap up from our weekend and the thoughts I have floating around my head at the moment.
  • Pray for my friend David Brown and his family. His blog, Three Words Back, is linked on this page...D Brown and I were college roomies and he's one of my closest friends. He lost a cousin to a tragic surgery complication on Thursday. She was only 38 and left behind a husband and two kids...Pray for God's comfort and peace for the family in this tradgey.
  • Johanna and I traveled A LOT this weekend...We went to see my parents and grandparents in the Stephenville area, as well as heading into Ft. Worth. We spent well over 10 hours in the car this weekend - Maybe that's why I have a bad case of sore driver's butt...
  • It was GREAT to see the fam...We just don't get to do that enough these days.
  • Got lots on my mind. A TON OF STUFF I'm pondering, thinking, praying about, seeking guidance in - about the future, the present, God's will, and our lives.
  • Worked on finishing up my Teaching Calendar for the semester today...I had the semester planned out, but God really has given me a different direction to go with one of our series. I am PUMPED about what God is going to teach our students and adults in our Student Ministry this semester.
  • I am also looking forward to being even more creative in our ministry since we have all the series/messages/topics planned out already!
  • In one of my few new FAVORITE blogs I read a great post about cut and paste ministry...And I am intrigued by the wheelbarrow full of runts illustration and if you read this Stephen Furtick, I gotta know what it was for! Check it out here .
  • Another one of my new favorite blogs is here...It's the blog of church planter Ben Arment and the brain behind The Whiteboard Sessions. I am so pumped about the possibility of heading to this conference and the site for the conference launches tomorrow! Gotta' sign up fast!
  • This guy has WAY TO MUCH time on his hands (ht to Marko) :

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