Super Bowl Recap...

I've read several game recaps...I won't go anywhere near saying that I saw this coming, but I'm sure not dissappointed that the Giants beat the Pats. I thought it was a pretty good game. Because of the low scoring nature, it wasn't the most exciting thing I've ever watched, but it was competitive and overall, a solid game. Check out my blogroll link Dbrown to see a live blog critique of the first half - good stuff. Below is a post I wrote on a friend's myspace page today that happens to be a Pats fan. He's also Red Sox fan and gives me a hard time when the Sox beat the Yankees, so turnabout is fair play:

Video Crew To Tape Jets Play Signals: $2,000 per game

Hiring Randy Moss to make Tom Brady look invincible: $3 Million

New Camera to Video The Rams Walkthrough in 2002 Super Bowl: $300

Losing Your Undefeated Season in The Super Bowl to A Team Led by ELI Manning: Priceless.

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