The Weekend Update...

This weekend was crazy-fun. One word wouldn't do so I had to actually make up a new word it was such a blast. I was in Austin on Thursday morning running some errands for the church and I got a call from a couple friends of mine. These two guys are actually some of my closest friends in the world and happen to be fellow youth pastors too. Johanna and I go to conferences with them and their wives each year and always have a blast.

So Jason and James call me up and tell me there coming in to Austin to watch the Texas Girls State Basketball tournament. Some girls from Jason's church were playing and they had planned on staying with Jason's sister-in-law but she got sick. So Jason and James ended up spending the weekend with us from Thursday to Saturday morning. James' family even stayed with us on Friday night. The three of us caught a couple of the basketball games and got in 9 holes of golf on Friday morning.

On Saturday, Jaron, one of my former students and good friends, and I drove to Columbus to meet my brother for some golf. We spent a few hours playing golf and then grabbed lunch before heading home. We had a blast!

Yesterday was filled with church stuff...band practice, game night, meetings, etc. Overall, the weekend was a blast. Jo and I love having people in our home so it was great...And I can't remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did hanging out with all these people all weekend...Great friends, great family, good times.

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