Tomorrow I get to preach in our church-wide worship services for the second time this month. I am EXCITED about sharing the love of Christ that can transform lives with all of our people and not just our students...Don't get me wrong. I LOVE our students and teaching them on a weekly basis. But preaching to the entire church gets me pumped up these days. I am preaching twice again next month at FLBC. I also get the cool opportunity to preach at a friend's church in Bridge City on May 4th. The church is Commonground Community Church and it is rockin'...If you're in the Bridge City area you should definitely check it out. I had the privilege to speak at Commonground a couple times last year and Johanna and I loved it. Great people who really want to impact their community and world with the love of Jesus in REAL, PRACTICAL ways.

All that to say this: I would love your prayers. Actually, I covet them. I understand what an incredible privilege and responsibility it is to teach God's word to people. And I know that when people pray for me it raises my teaching to a level that only God can take it to through the prayers of others. Thanks in advance for all the prayers!

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