Bad Boys & Bad Boys What Ya' Gonna Do...

I love the TV show Cops. In fact, it is one of my all-time favorites. Almost every time I pass a cop car I sing the theme song...Either that, or the Ridin' Dirty song made famous by a great episode of the TV show Rob & Big. But I digress...

Today I got to be involved in my 2nd "high speed" chase in the past year. Johanna and I, along with my interns, were on our way to San Marcos to grab lunch when I noticed the car in front of me driving recklessly. And by recklessly, I mean running red lights and stop signs, stopping at the lights for the school zones, and driving in the oncoming traffic lanes running people off the road. So I did what any safety-first, community watch-dog citizen would do. I called 911. I reported the driver and then I asked the operator this question: "Would you like me to follow them until the police get here?" I fully expected a no, but the operator responded, "If you don't mind that would be a big help." Let the chase begin.

What ensued was a 5 to 10 minute "not-so-high-speed" chase while waiting on the police to track us down. The lady continued to run stop signs, almost turned into a couple yards, and stopped in the middle of the road. Finally the operator asked me if I was in a grey van, which I was (the church van!), and told me that the cop was behind us and we could pull over and let him take over.

While this chase wasn't as high speed or thrilling as the last one, I could here the words to the theme song to Cops the whole time... "Bad boys, bad boys, Whatcha gonna' do? Whatcha gonna' do when they come for you?" Even if I did only hear it at 15 mph.

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