Mission Arlington Update...

It has been a quick couple days here on the Mission Trip. We've worked hard, served hard, had a blast, and sweated more than what I thought was humanly possible. Here are a few highlights and things that stick out:
  • When we got to the Quality Inn & Suites on Sunday it took almost an hour and a half to check in. First our rooms weren't ready. Then they were wrong. Then they had no sheets and towels. It was a mess. And we had stayed here before so that was really suprising. But they finally worked it all out...I think.
  • It is EXTREMELY hot. We are all completely soaked with sweat before 11:00 AM every day! It's hot and that leads to stinky and gross.
  • I LOVE Mission Arlington. God is doing AMAZING things through the ministry here and if you are anywhere near the DFW metroplex area you should make every effort to come be a part of what is going on. Seriously, drop all the excuses and come check it out. They will put you to work and let you serve and you'll be a part of something that is changing the world, changing lives, and growing the kingdom. So do it!
  • Our Rainbow Express teams (teams of students working with children teaching them Bible stories, playing games, singing songs, etc) are doing a pretty good job. There have been some times where students have lost focus, but overall they are working really hard and doing a good job.
  • Several of our student leaders have taken it to ANOTHER LEVEL this week. They are leading, serving, and stepping up big time.
  • It's always cool to see the faces of these kids that we're serving light up when we show up and get off the vans. It is crazy how God uses a couple hours at each apartment complex and stuff like Red Light, Green Light and Red Rover to communicate his love to children.
  • I am spent. I am exhausted. And our lights are out...So I'm out too. I'll try to post some pics tomorrow so that you can get a visual picture of what's going on.

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