The Weekend Update...

Here's a glimpse into this weekend with the Burleson's.
  • Friday I played golf with Jaron, Jmob, and Dusty. I had no clue it could take almost 3 hours to play nine holes...wow.

  • Friday night Jo, myself, Jaron and Jenna all headed over to the Pittman's for a little cookout and swimming...The Pittman's weren't home, except for the boys, but they graciously allowed us to use their pool and grill...Good sausage and bratwurst!

  • Saturday Johanna and I met my parents and Papa for lunch at a new restaurant in Lampasas. It's called the Wild Goose Steakhouse and it was pretty tasty.

  • Saturday evening, us, all of my interns, and the Horton family all had a cookout and swimming at the Pittman's. This time they were home and actually had invited us and planned on us coming!

  • Sunday morning consisted of a pancake breakfast at church as part of our kick-off to a new year of small groups.
  • Sunday afternoon 6 of us (youth workers and interns) spent about three hours typing recipes for our student ministry cookbook fund-raiser...I despise fundraisers, but that's a whole 'notha blog altogether.
  • And for all of you who are just dying to know the BIG news...It's coming. Just remember that patience is a virtue...And for now, you have to wait.

It's not quite Sunday evening yet, so the weekend could have more in store...but I doubt it, so I'm gonna' go ahead and post this now.

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