The End of an Era and The Start of Something New...

We just got home from our last night at The Attic, our student ministry building. Our staff and students have called this old upstairs building home for the past year and a half. For a year before that, we were in the wilderness - bouncing from Sunday School rooms, to fellowship halls, to random homes. I couldn't help but hear the tune to Green Day's Closing Time as I walked out tonight...Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

Over the past year and a half we have seen GOD do some absolutely amazing things in our ministry in this place. We've met in an old, musty, hot, old, ugly, hot building (did I mention old and hot?). And in that place, God showed up, week after week, and changed lives. And it's been amazing. So tonight, as Johanna and I close this chapter of our lives and step into the next chapter, I am overwhelmed with a mixture of emotions.

We've seen God move incredibly and we are grateful. And we will miss our relationships in this ministry. We've made lifetime friends and ministry partners that we'll charge the gates of hell with for a long time to come. But even in the midst of those feelings, we are looking forward to this next step with great anticipation. We are beyond excited about what God has in store for our future at The Connection Church. I am pumped about being a part of the TCC team and doing whatever it takes to reach people with the love and hope of Jesus. So tonight has become both a celebration of things done and a celebration of things to come...and I can definitely handle that.


d brown said...

Sounds like a good night to appreciate what's come before and what direction you guys are headed in next.

Oh, and one minor music quibble. That song is by Semisonic, not Green Day.

Eric Bryant said...

My grandmother grew up in Kyle! Enjoy your next adventure!