The Weekend Update...

So here's a little recap of this past weekend in the life of Nic:
  • I spent most of Friday doing absolutely nothing. Seriously, it may have been the laziest day I've had in months!
  • Friday night Jo and I went to eat at Blake's in Luling. However, we made sure that we were back in time to catch the majority of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies...That stuff was KILLER. I feel for the nation that has to follow up that act. Wow.
  • Saturday was spent working on my sermon, cleaning out the Blazer, and working around the house...and more Olympics.
  • Today was by far the highlight of the weekend. I preached this morning and our student worship leader, Michael Pittman, led worship. Our 2nd service was ROCKIN! Absolutely incredible stuff.
  • I got to baptize two students today. One was a sophomore in our ministry and the other was his 9 year old little sister. AMAZING. The symbolism of the life-change that baptism represents gets me pumped up every time.
  • Tonight was our "going away" reception at the church. We had some worship time, some cookies and punch, and some sharing of memories. Good stuff.
  • After church we got to spend some time with some students and youth workers at Taco Bell just hanging out...had a great time.
  • I just finished up the weekend watching more Olympics, with the USA men's swim team coming back at the last second to stick it to France. Yeah baby!

That's the wrap up. I'm out.

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