7 Years Ago Today...

September 19th is a special day in my life. It's an anniversary of sorts. Seven years ago today I showed up at Scott & White hospital before the sun was even up. I had a date with a neurosurgeon at 7:00 AM to remove a pituitary tumor from my head. Just a week before, on Sept. 11th (Yes, THE Sept. 11th) I had spent all day at the hospital making the rounds and getting prepped for surgery. The morning of the 19th my ENT, my endocrinologist, and my neurosurgeon were all teamed up and ready to go. Needless to say, the surgery was successful. God guided hands and minds in ways that only he can and he used the miracle of modern medicine to heal me.

My life changed that day. There was a good chance that I could've seen my family for the last time as they wheeled me in that operating room. There was a chance that I would never have met my incredible wife, seen age 25 (or now 30), or done so much of what's happened in the last seven years. But in His goodness and rich mercy to me, God worked things out. And so today for me is a celebration. Every year, no matter what is going on in my life, I celebrate this day. Whatever situation or place life finds me at on September 19th, one thing is true. It is a good day. It is a day to celebrate life. It is a day to take inventory of what is really important and to take a long hard look at what I am investing my life in, because obviously God let me hang around this planet for a reason. I don't want to waste His time or mine.

So if you feel like celebrating today, join me. We might not be at the same place, or even in the same state or time zone. But we can celebrate together regardless.

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I Am The Common Man said...

God had way too much work for you to do before checking out. Glad that you are still serving him. So I tip my 12 oz Diet Dr. Pepper in your honor man.