The Weekend Update...

Here's a recap of a weekend in the life of Nic. Check it out:
  • Friday we got to hang out with some GREAT friends. Jmob, Clay, and Megan all evacuated from College Station to their parents' in Lockhart. That meant they got to sneak away on Friday and come hang with us in Kyle.
  • Friday night the five of us went and hung out in Austin. We went to Chuy's, the best mexican food place in town, and had some phenomenal mexican food. I had the hottest shrimp taquitos I've ever tasted.
  • Saturday I had planned on spending the day doing some things around the house and hanging out with my wife. Ike changed my plans. My brother and his in-laws live in Kingwood and they lost power from the hurricane. Cabela's here in Kyle had some generators and so we worked up a plan where I bought two generators and headed toward Houston with generators, gas, and window a/c units in tow. They were able to cut their way out (literally had to cut and move trees out of the road) and met me in Brenham.
  • Sunday was another incredible day at The Connection Church. Micah and the band absolutely rocked! Cole's message was super-challenging. We had a puppet team do some awesome stuff for our Konnection Kidz. And our SURGE middle school ministry had another great night. I love my calling and my job!

That about wraps it up. Between the hatch green chile shrimp taquitos from Chuy's and the excitement of a supply run brought on by Hurricane Ike I'd say the weekend got spiced up a bit.

How about you? How was your weekend?

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JMob said...

good great awesome best ever! always good to hang with my peeps, and not very often you can set a chuys-twice-in-one-day record