The Weekend Update...

Here's the weekend update. 'Cause I know you're just dying to know...
  • Friday was spent just chilling at the house with my wife and my mom. Mom came down to help us unpack and get some stuff done around the house after the hectic craziness that has been life since we moved to Kyle.
  • Saturday morning we had a training for our Konnection Kidz ministries. It was awesome to hear our volunteers and our team sit around and brainstorm creative ways to reach families and show kids God's love. We refuse to allow being portable and having limited resources to be an excuse for less than excellent programming!
  • Saturday afternoon Johanna, my mom, and myself headed to San Marcos for Jo to get a haircut and to grab some grub at Texas Roadhouse. Good stuff, especially when my mom buys!
  • Today was all things TCC. Zak did a fantastic job teaching this morning about how we can learn humbly. This afternoon I officially became a member of The Connection Church by attending Connection 101. Tonight was our weekly gathering of middle school students called SURGE. It was an extremely long day, but it was also a GREAT day.

I've got lots to do this week. But be sure and check back here for a HUGE announcement this week!

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