Holiday Highlights...

It's been a crazy-busy, but crazy-good past several days. Here are our holiday higlights - bulletin style.

  • We spent four days on the weekend before Christmas in Houston with Johanna's family. We had a blast and I loved getting to hang out and be uncle to my nieces and nephews.

  • While in the Houston area, I got to watch my brother coach his freshman basketball team. I know he's my brother, but even if he wasn't I'd say he is an incredible basketball coach. His team outscored their opponent 32 to 13 in the second half to win a close game.

  • On Tuesday night, Dec. 23rd, we had our Rockin' Christmas Eve's EVE Service at The Connection Church. It was definitely a ROCKIN' service. And with around 900 people in attendance, I'd say the turnout was rockin' too!

  • Johanna and I spent Tuesday night through Saturday afternoon with my family doing the whole Christmas thing. It was a blast and I loved just getting to spend time hanging out with the fam.

  • Saturday we headed back to Kyle, along with my parents and my brother and sister-in-law because I was preaching on Sunday morning at TCC.

  • The only downside to the whole holiday week was that I started to get sick on Friday and I was worried about preaching on Sunday.

  • Sunday came and I still had a voice so you can bet I was gonna' preach. So many friends were praying for me and my sickness that it was literally like God removed all the "ugh" feeling while I was preaching - the fever, the congestion, the sore throat, the aching - all of it. It was amazing. And it was a great morning at TCC.

  • That about wraps up the Holiday Highlights. I'm looking forward to watching some football bowl games this week and getting over whatever this sickness crud is that I have.

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jmob said...

kincaids missed you.