Everyone Matters...

Last night at our High School Connection Students gathering we finished up a series we've been doing called Everyone Matters. Here's the whole premis: Everyone matters to God, so everyone ought to matter to us. For the past three weeks we've talked all about how we can share God's love with others so that they know they matter to God. And it has been incredible to see our students engage and respond to what we've been learning together.

There's a church word for what we've talked about. It's called evangelism. Over the years, the church has made evangelism into a pretty complicated thing. We've got evangelism classes. We have evangelism campaigns. There are special conferences on evangelism. We buy books and studies on evangelism. We explain evangelism. We teach evangelism. And so many times we make it so complicated, that we never do evangelism. Here is what evangelism is: it is letting people know they matter to God. Evangelism is simply caring about God and those who are far from Him. It's that simple. Everyone matters to God. If we're his disciples, they ought to matter to us.

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