A Little Link Love...

Thought I'd throw out a little link love today. Here's a variety of links with random stuff you need to check out:
  • In light of today's historic Presidential Inauguration check out this Inauguration Speech Generator to make up your own speech, mad-lib style. Worth a couple laughs for sure.
  • Have you seen the I Am Second website? If not, you need to go check it out right now. Incredible sight where people share stories of finding purpose and hope in the midst of everyday struggles and failures.
  • Ever wonder what goes through the mind of a crazy-random-awesome-cool 6th grader? If so, check out Mackenzie Phillips' blog. She's the daughter of our lead pastor Cole.
  • This daily blog by Brad Ruggle's is always full of creative goodness. And it may be one of the sickest blog designs...(wait for it)...ever.
  • I mentioned this story via my Twitter several weeks ago, but I don't think I ever shared it on here. This story by Rick Reilly from ESPN will inspire you, challenge you, and probably make you shed a tear or two. Awesome read so click here now and check it out.
  • I've been watching this blog and following Vince as he begins to plant a church on the Las Vegas strip. God has really burdened me to pray for Vince and Verve Church for the past few months and I want to encourage you to do the same.

A little linkage. A lotta' lovage. And I'm out.

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Makenzie said...

Thanks for sharing my blog. (my name is spelled Makenzie:) ) lots of people do that. :) :) :) catch'a later gator