The Weekend Update...

Here's a recap of the whirlwind that was Easter weekend. Check it out:
  • My parents came in on Friday and spent the weekend with us. They helped me do some cleaning and organizing before Hayden gets here...it's just too bad they couldn't have stayed longer. I could've kept them busy!
  • TCC's Easter festivities kicked of Friday Night with a Good Friday service. Burgundy Road led worship for the service and it was absolutely incredible.
  • Saturday was The Big Hunt. Over 1700 people showed up to hunt eggs, jump on inflatables, and have an all out blast. It was a great event that showed how absolutely awesome our TCC Volunteers are! Great job everyone!
  • Saturday afternoon and evening, Johanna, myself, and my parents went shopping for baby stuff that we still needed. My parents hooked us up and blessed us big time by purchasing a ton of last minute stuff for us.
  • Sunday was an unbelievable day at The Connection Church. The vibe was incredible as we celebrated the fact that we serve a Savior who is ALIVE. We kicked off our Ultimate Fighter series and Cole knocked it out of the park! We had 835 people show up for church and 29 people made the decision to follow Christ with their lives. UNBELIEVABLE day.
  • I spent some time Sunday afternoon painting furniture for the nursery. I've still got some work to do to finish that up.

What an incredible weekend. Worshipping God. Serving God. Showing God's Love To Others. What a celebration of the fact that He Is Alive.

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steve said...

Great to hear..parents are flat out AWEsome, don't know about you but I take mine for granted..sounds like they blessed you as you said..father hood is upon you, exciting!..great weekend at church..wow! God is good!..blessings...