The Weekend Update...

Here's a brief look at our first weekend home with Hayden. Check it:
  • Friday we had Hayden's first appointment with his pediatrician. She said he was a healthy, happy, good looking baby and everything looked great! I was SUPER IMPRESSED with the doctors and staff at Pediatric Junction in Buda. If you need a pediatrician, this crew is top notch.
  • Friday afternoon I spent running errands. My mom and Jo hung out at the house with Hayden while I made the ultimate Target run. I was looking for some specific stuff that only Target carries so I started out heading north into Austin and was only semi-successful, so I ended up heading back south to San Marcos. We have two Target stores within ten miles of our home going in opposite directions. I put over 50 miles on my Blazer trying to buy two items from them. Crazy.
  • Saturday was a nice lazy day around the house, enjoying our new son.
  • Sunday Hayden had tons of visitors. The highlight of the day was that my brother and his wife came up from Houston to meet Hayden. So Uncle Justin & Aunt Christie got to see and hold their nephew for the first time! That was super cool.
  • The weekend was filled with lots of fun moments experiencing the new joys of parenthood. What it wasn't filled with was much sleep. But it's all good. I wouldn't change it for a thing.

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zak white said...

you're gonna be a great dad bro!!!