The Weekend Update...

Here's a look at the weekend that was.
  • Seems like this weekend flew by? Or is that just me? Anyone? Anyone?
  • Spent some time with some great friends this weekend. I am so thankful for the people God has blessed our family with to do life together.
  • Johanna and I went and saw our first movie at the theater since Hayden's was born. We watched Angels & Demons, which was pretty good. I am suprised they let Hayden in since it was a PG-13 movie...Does that make us bad parents? :)
  • We shared several good meals with great friends this weekend. On Saturday night we went to Texas Roadhouse in South Austin for a "going away" dinner of sorts for our fantastic friend (and Hayden's godmother) Jenna Coe. Jenna leaves tomorrow to spend 2 months serving orphans in Uganda and sharing the love of God with them. Please pray for Jenna while she's in Africa. You can even check our her blog here and leave her some words of encouragement.
  • Today at TCC was good. We commissioned the PALMS Puppet Team for their upcoming mission trip to Belize and also announced a local mission project we're undertaking to share God's love by feeding hungry children right here in Kyle, TX. If you want to be involved in that incredible ministry, leave me a comment or send me an email and we'll get you connected!
  • Overall, we had a great weekend with incredible friends...too bad it just flew by!

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Jackie Lura said...

Yall would only be bad parents if you let Hayden go into the movie alone! (since he is just a month old and all!)