Happy Birthday Pops...

Today is my dad's birthday. I have the most incredible parents in the world. They would literally do anything to see my brother and I and our families safe, happy, and secure. I've worked with kids and teenagers for my entire adult life and I've observed parents of every shape and kind. I always say that I won the parent lottery and the more I minister to teenagers and kids, the more I see it is true. My dad has always been there for us, put his family and our needs before himself, sacrificed for our needs and provided a model of what it means to not only be a biological parent, but to be a father and a dad. Now that I'm a dad myself, I appreciate his model of fatherhood even more. I appreciate the sacrifices and love he's always shown us. He really is not only a remarkable man, but a remarkable father...and those are few and far between. So Happy Birthday Pops! I love you and hope I can be half the dad to Hayden that you were and are to Justin and I!

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