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I've noticed something about Hayden since he came into the world just seven weeks ago and that is this: He's grown! He is growing like crazy! He's gained weight, he's gotten longer, his cheeks and face have filled out, and he's already outgrown newborn clothes! But really, that shouldn't shock any of us, right? Why? Because we expect babies to grow. We don't call 911 or rush them to a specialist just because they are growing. It is natural. In fact, it would be unnatural if the opposite occurred...if they never grew. Then we would know there was a problem!

When it comes to our relationship with Jesus Christ, far too many times we are willing to settle for the unnatural. When we quit growing in our walk with God, we are far to willing to overlook what obviously is something unnatural and unhealthy. After all, it is natural to grow. When you go out to a restuarant, no one expects to see a 30 year old man being fed a bottle and having his diaper changed by his mother. That's not natural! Then why settle for a lack of growth in our spiritual life?

Maybe you're in the midst of a growing time in your walk with God. Or maybe you've hit a wall and it seems like growth just isn't happening. Either way, as you evaluate your relationship with Christ, asking yourself the following questions and honestly evaluating your answers can be like adding Miracle Grow to your spiritual journey. So ask yourself these questions, be honest with your answers, and if growth isn't taking place, then make the needed changes to see it happen!

5 Questions To Evaluate Your Current Relationship With Christ:
  1. Am I Following? Jesus' basic call on our lives is to follow him. How well are you playing follow the leader when it comes to your walk with Christ? (Read John 1:43 & Matthew 9:9)
  2. Am I Obeying? Are there areas in my life where I am being disobedient to how God has called me to live? Does my life match his Word? (Read James 1:22 and 1 John 2:6)
  3. Am I Growing? What steps am I taking to spend time growing closer to God? Do I spend time in His Word and in prayer on a daily basis? Do I have people in my circle of friends who are encouraging me to follow Jesus more closely. (Read Colossians 1:10)
  4. Am I Serving? Am I using the talents, gifts, and abilities that God has given me to servfe others and to connect others with God? (Read Mark 10:42-45)
  5. Am I Sharing? Am I using the relationships and conversations God has given me to point people to Him and His love? Am I actively investing in relationships that connect the people I love with the God I love? (Read Matthew 4:18-20)

When babies grow, no one is shocked. Why? Because growth is natural. It is the lack of growth that is unnatural. The same is true in our walk with God. God wants to see us grow to become more like Jesus. Have you found ways to "add Miracle Grow" to your walk with God? What are some things you do to see healthy growth happen in your spiritual walk? Feel free to share your experiences and comment away!

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