Why I Need A Connection Group...

This week I've been working on lots of stuff related to our Connection Groups ministry here at The Connection Church. We have a Group Expo this Sunday at TCC. Basically, the expo is an opportunity for people interested in checking out a Connection Group to get more info on each of our groups and to sign up for one they might be interested in. Then, next Sunday, January 30th our new semester of Connection Groups officially kicks off!

All this Connection Group stuff has me thinking...and I thought I'd share...about how much I love my Connection Group. I absolutely love the people in my Connection Group. And I need them in my life. In fact, I think we all need a group of people we can do life with. And below are some reasons why I think that:
  • I need real friendship. Never in human history have we had the opportunity for connection. With social media, the internet, and so many other forms of technology that help people connect, the opportunity for connection is everywhere. But in spite of that opportunity, many of us are as lonely as we've ever been. Sure we may have a couple hundred "friends" on Facebook, but when we evaluate our real friends in life, we feel isolated and alone. That's where my Connection Group comes in. Through a group, I have the opportunity to connect in real ways with people who can walk beside me in life.
  • I need support. Each day I wake up and want to be more like Jesus than the day before. But there are days where that goal just isn't reached. There are days when I struggle and when I stumble and need someone there to help me along. That's where my Connection Group comes in. I have a group of people to do life with who are real and authentic and allow me to be real and authentic (the messiness of life and all!) and have my back when I need it most.
  • I need accountability. I'll gladly be the first to admit that there are days when following Jesus is flat out HARD. There are times when being obedient to God is difficult. Those times are often the most important times to follow Him closely as well. That's where my Connection Group comes in. Because I'm in a group, I have people who are there to help me and challenge me in my walk with God. They'll pick me up when I stumble, but they'll also challenge me and push me forward when I need that accountability too.

I could easily list 50 other reasons I need and love my Connection Group. I can't imagine doing life without them! If you're not in a small group, I encourage you to take that step and get plugged in. And if you attend The Connection Church, there is no better time to get connected to a group than this Sunday at our Group Expo. We really are better together. Find out for yourself and get connected this weekend! I guarantee you'll be glad you did.


1531 said...

I am singing that Jack Johnson song "Better Together" in my head now. Enjoyed your post Nic.

1531 said...

I am singing the Jack Johnson song "Better Together" in my head now. Great post Nic!!