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Over the past three weeks I've had several people at Timber Ridge ask me about Bible reading plans.  It seems there are a lot of people taking the step to spend time with God in His Word on a daily basis.  And that is a life-changing step to take!

I wanted to share some online resources and reading plans for those of you who might be interested in getting into God's Word each day.  Below you'll find a few resources that can help you as you spend time with God each day.

  • 30 Days With Jesus - What better topic to study than the life of Jesus?  This reading plan takes you on an overview of the life and work of Jesus in just one month.
  • 30 Days For New Christians - If the Bible and church are a new thing for you, this reading plan is a great option to give you a general, very brief overview of some major topics in the Bible.
  • First Steps Reading Plan - This reading plan is designed for people who are new to faith in Jesus.  It's a year long reading plan that covers the Bible basics with a light amount of reading each day.
  • The Bible in 90 or New Thru 30 - If you're looking for a more intense, deeper reading plan check out one of these plans.  The Bible in 90 takes you through the entire Bible in just 90 days.  New Thru 30 is a journey through the entire New Testament in just a month.
  • YouVersion.com - YouVersion is a great tool to read the Bible online from your computer, phone, or other mobile device.  YouVersion also offers several reading plans to choose from as well.
The key to getting the most out of God's Word is to simply make the commitment to read it and then DO IT.  So pick the plan that's best for where you are right now in life and jump in.  You'll be amazed at how spending time in God's Word each day will change your life!

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baylorbill said...

YouVersion has a great app complete with Bible, hundreds of devo, quick scripture references, etc for any IPhone users out there