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Throughout the month of February, we've been in a relationship series at Timber Ridge Church called Smokin' Hot. We've been talking about relationships, love, sex, dating, and everything related to these topics.  (You can check out the messages here.)

Whether we're single, dating, married, or single-again, we all are affected by relationships in one way or another.  Below are some great links that can help take your relationships to a whole new level! 
  • Marriage:  Pastor Ron Edmondson shares 7 Tips for Healthy Marriage Communication HERE.
  • Dating: Pastor Perry Noble shares some great advice on dating relationships HERE.
  • Kids: Rachel Jankovic shares 10 Ways To Love Your Kids HERE.
  • Single: Pastor Steven Furtick shares great advice for single people HERE.
  • Pornography: Find a phenomenal resource for fighting the addiction of porn HERE.
Bottom line:  In some form or fashion, we all deal with relationships.  And, to make those relationships the best they can be, IT TAKES WORK.  Don't settle for mediocre.  Work at making taking your relationships to the next level - because the reward is worth the work!

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