Talk About Jesus Without Freaking Out

This past Sunday at Timber Ridge, we talked about how everyone has a story. (You can watch the message online here.) You and I have a story about our life - where we've been, what we've done, what we've learned - it's all a part of our unique story.  And if you are a follower of Jesus, then a major part of your story is how Jesus has changed your life.  Sharing the story of how Jesus has impacted our lives is something every Christian is called to do.

I wanted to follow up yesterday's message with some tips & tactics on how you can get comfortable sharing your story and how you can talk about your faith in Jesus without freaking out.

  • Get comfortable sharing your own story.
    • You story should include 3 things:  Life before you met Jesus, how you came to a relationship with Jesus, and the difference Jesus has made in your life.
    • Make sure you make Jesus the center & hero of your story...because He is!
    • Be able to share what Jesus has done in your life in 3 minutes or less.
    • Practice sharing the message with a friend so you get comfortable with it.
  • Pray for people you know who don't have a relationship with Jesus.
    • Always talk to God about your friends & neighbors before you talk to your friends & neighbors about God!
  • Invest in relationships with people who don't know Jesus.
    • Jesus was accused of being a friend of sinners.  Are you?
  • Speak up & share your story.
    • All the preparation in the world doesn't matter if you never step out in boldness and tell your friends & neighbors about how Jesus has changed your life & how He wants to impact them as well.
God has given you everything you need to help people connect with Jesus!  Go for it!

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