The Faces of My Best Gift - Part 3

This Sunday, December 16th, we will be receiving our My Best Gift Christmas Offering at Timber Ridge Church. This weekend, at both of our worship services, we have the opportunity to give our very best gift to Jesus this Christmas by receiving a special offering that is directed to impacting our community, state, and world.  100% of the funds received from our Christmas Offering will go to support the following 3 projects:
  • School adoption & global work in Vietnam
  • Church Planting in Marshall, TX and Toronto, Canada
  • Helping hurting families locally by meeting physical needs
For the past few days I've been sharing the faces that will be impacted by our generosity. You can read Part 1 here and catch Part 2 here.  Today, I'm wrapping up this series of posts by sharing with you one last set of faces that will be directly impacted by our giving to the Christmas Offering at Timber Ridge.

These are the faces of the children of Sapa, Vietnam. I personally took this picture back in October while on a Vision trip to see how our church could go serve in a difficult place and make an impact in Vietnam. We have a very unique opportunity to make a long term impact by adopting a school in the Sapa area of Vietnam. It's a beautiful, but rural area of Vietnam that has great need. By adopting a school, we'll be able to help children just like these. We'll be able to make sure they have enough food to eat. We'll be able to make sure they have clean water to drink. We'll be able to make sure they have safe & usable facilities. Our generosity will literally impact the world.

Back in Matthew 25, I remember Jesus saying something about when we feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, clothe the naked, and care for the sick and poor, we are actually serving Him. We have an incredible opportunity before us in Vietnam to make a great impact in our world.

If you attend Timber Ridge Church, I hope you'll join me in praying for and giving toward our My Best Gift Christmas Offering this Sunday. Together, we can make a great impact by generously giving our very best to Jesus this Christmas.

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