Marriage Resources

This past Sunday we kicked off a brand new series at Timber Ridge called From Roommate To Soulmate.  (You can watch Sunday's message here.)  Over the next few weeks we'll be discovering principles from God's Word that can move us from stuck in a rut to happily ever after.

While the series has principles for all of us - single, dating, married and all things in between - I want to share some marriage resources today for those in the married crowd.

Here are a few great resources that can help you maximize your marriage and take it to the next level.  No matter how great - or how strained - your marriage might be, I encourage you to check these resources out!

  1. Refine Us - A website, blog, & marriage resource site that aims to restore hope & renew relationships in marriages.  
  2. Marriage On Ice - Gary Chapman offers some great insight in this article about how to work through difficulties when it feels like your marriage has gone cold.
  3. 8 Things That Destroyed Our Marriage - This free e-book shares the real life challenges that led to destruction in the marriage of Justin & Trisha Davis of RefineUs.org.
  4. Making Marriage Work - A quick, 3-minute video from Pastor Rick Warren on how to make marriage work.

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