Timber Ridge Kids Take Home - From Sunday, July 7th

Hey Timber Ridge Parents!  If you have a K-6th grader, here's your weekly take home from our Timber Ridge Kids team. It provides a brief summary of what your kids learned on Sunday, as well as some ways you can reinforce the lesson & engage your children in spiritual conversations at home this week!  Check it out:

This Week's Key Bible Verse:  Luke 6:31 -- Do to others as you would have them do to you.
Kindness is making someone feel valuable by the way you treat them.  When you are kind to someone, you are giving the best part of who you are.  
#1: Watch the following video together. As you watch, answer the questions together.  Use the video to start a family discussion about what it means to be kind.  Think about the things you each consider as kindness.  

Think about something you can do as a family this week to show kindness to someone.  
To go deeper, CLICK HERE and watch this videoThink about the difference being kind can make, not just in you, but in people you encounter everyday.  Talk about these questions:

  • What impact should having a relationship with God make on our words and actions towards others?
  • In "big church" this week, we used the movie Man of Steel,  to talk about how Superman is the source of hope for the world.  We know that Jesus is our source of hope.  How can being kind help spread that hope of Jesus to others?  

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