Timber Ridge V.O.W.

This week's Timber Ridge Volunteer of the Week is Cole Lindsey. As a junior high student, Cole is setting the example of serving and making a difference at a young age. Each Sunday morning Cole invests in the next generation by faithfully serving in our Kids Ridge children's ministry, loving on our kids and helping them connect with Jesus.

Pastor Nic & Cole

If you're interested in making an impact by volunteering at Timber Ridge, click here for more info!


Sharla Shaffer said...

Cole, you have been such a great help with the kiddos at Timber Ridge. Thank you! Your fun attitude, your smile, and your willingness to make a difference in the lives of others is commendable and excellent, especially for someone your age. Nic, he's definitely a V.O.W.!

Sharla Shaffer said...

Nic, per last week's message, now you have 2 again! lol