Why Do We Do My Best Gift?

From time to time when we do something like the My Best Gift offering at Timber Ridge, people will ask me a question that goes like this: "Why is it that we do this?"

When it comes to the My Best Gift Christmas Offering, we have several reasons for doing this at Timber Ridge. Here are a few of them:

#1: It helps us remember the reason for the season. If Christmas really is about Jesus and our focus really is supposed to be on God's gift to us through sending the world His only Son, then giving our best, most generous Christmas gift to God's Kingdom just makes sense. If we believe that Jesus is the real reason for the season then that ought to be reflected in how we spend our time, our talent, and our finances during the holiday season.

#2: It helps us to think beyond ourselves. Christmas has become synonymous with consumerism in our current culture. One of the best ways to battle consumerism and selfishness is to think of others and use our resources to benefit causes outside of ourselves. Our My Best Gift offering allows us to put others first and think beyond selfishness during Christmas.

#3: It makes a global impact for God's Kingdom. 100% of our Christmas Offering at Timber Ridge Church goes to support global engagement and church planting. This year, our offering will go toward construction projects at the impoverished elementary school that we have adopted in the rural area of Sapa, Vietnam and toward planting more churches in rural areas of Texas, in Toronto, Canada, and around the world. Each of these places are difficult places for God's work in our world & our My Best Gift offering allows us to spread the light of Jesus in some very dark places in our world.

At Timber Ridge, we believe in giving generously to God because He has given generously to us, through the life of His son Jesus. There's no better time to put this belief into action than during the Christmas season.

If you'd like to be a part of our My Best Gift offering, you can find out more info and even contribute online, safely and securely, by clicking here.

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