Best of 2007 - Tech & Gadgets

Continuing the Best of 2007 lists, here is my Top Ten New Gadgets of 2007:

10. Amazon Kindle - Now you can read a book without the book. What will they come up with next? You can check it out at amazon.com.

9. Zune 2 - Apple finally has a little competition. Please observe the word "little" in that sentence. While its no Ipod Touch, the new version of the Zune really does give the Ipod some competition, especially at a price of less than $135 for a 30 gig unit at several pre-Christmas retailers' sales.

8. Ipod Touch - It's not the Iphone and has a pretty steep price, but it's still pretty sweet. Ipod came out swingin' this year.

7. ASUS Eee PC - This mini-laptop has become all the rage at the end of 2007. Weighing less than 2 pounds and with a price range that begins at $299 and tops out at $499, this little fella' packs a punch.

6. The XO $100 Laptop and One Laptop Per Child - In an effort to get computers into the hands of children in developing countries, the organization One Lap Top Per Child offers a $100 laptop that covers all the basics. They even did a campaign to end 2007 called "Give One, Get One" where you could spend $200, getting a laptop for yourself (or really for your young child) and donating one to their charity to send to a child in a developing country. Very cool. You can check it out at www.laptopgiving.org.

5. Halo 3, New Editions of Guitar Hero, & Rock Band - Really, I could include Video Games in general at this point on the list. With all the new technology in gaming systems, the industry has created some very entertaining, and somewhat addictive games.

4. Olevia TVs - Olevia has combined what the majority of Americans have been waiting for in LCD TVs: Cheap and Good. Seriously, these TVs are great and have some of the highest ratings of any TV, while costing half of what some of the more expensive brands run.

3. GPS - While GPS was not new in 2007, it blew up this year. The capability and selections of GPS that are available now are mindboggling. You can get 3D maps, LCD touch screens, and even select if you want to listen to the voice of a man or a woman.

2. Iphone - This is a debatable number one on the list, but with the glitches and the quick price changes, I had to go with it at #2. Plus, while no phone is the mighty Iphone, cell phones in general have all improved this year.

1. Nintendo Wii - Since you can't find one in any store in America, its got to be #1. If you have a new Wii right now you can make some serious cash. Plus, Nintendo has found a way to bring our craze and deep desire for experience into the video game industry in an even better way...You can now play your video games and it can be considered excercise...Honestly, what will they think of next???

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