Best of 2007 - TV Shows...

This list was TOUGH. I don't watch an extremely large amount of television, but I like a lot of different shows. Johanna & I are not at home a lot in the evenings, so we don't get to see everything we like, but at the same time we have lots of shows we try to keep up with...Online viewing has helped that and I desperately want to get a DVR...It's just not in the budget right now. But after much deliberation, here are my "Top Ten (and a few more) TV Shows":

10. TIE - Law & Order, and True Life and Made - Like I said, this list was tough...I like all the Law and Orders (SVU is my favorite) and it seems that even in their 17th season this year, they just keep getting better. I was not a fan before Jo and I got married and now she's made me an addict. My other two tied for this spot are True Life and Made. I watch a lot of MTV to stay up on Youth Culuture and I really like both these shows. They can teach a lot about culture, students, young adults, and their issues in life.

9. VH1's The White Rapper Show - Absolutely one of the best new shows on TV. Unfortunately, rumor has it that they are changing the show for this next season to make it something with only female rappers. This is one show that I watched every single episode of. MC Serch is "da bomb,yo!" And thank God that Shamrock beat out that poser John Brown in the finals!

8. The Unit - Luckily I've been able to stay up with this show by downloading the episodes. Great TV. Plain and simple.

7. My Name is Earl - I am really more of a reality TV guy, but this is by far my favorite comedy. One word: HILARIOUS! I laugh out loud numerous times in every episode...

6. Project Runway and Top Chef - I put them together because they are both Bravo shows. I guess I got hooked on Project Runway when Jo started watching it and I've been a Top Chef fan from the beginning. I guess it's the reality TV addict in me.

5. Flip This House - In my next life, I will be a house flipper. Ok, maybe that's not what I really believe, but every time I watch this show I want to go into the business of flipping houses, even with a terrible real estate market. A couple other shows just like this one that could easily go here are Flip That House (creative name change, huh?) and The Real Estate Pros.

4. Man vs. Wild - Bear Grylls is a beast. If I ever get lost in the desert, I now know that I can drink my own urine or pee on my t-shirt and wrap it around my head to survive...Awesome!

3. Rob & Big - My favorite MTV show. I love watching these guys and the show cracks me up. Plus, probably the greatest theme song of any current show...Sing it with me, "People let me tell ya' bout my best friend..."

2. Cops - Cops has been one of my favorite TV shows since I was in Junior High or early High School. It started it's 20th season in September of 2007 and is still going strong.

1. The Simpsons and King of The Hill - Animated TV at its best. I own eight seasons of the Simpsons and a couple of King of the Hill, so I could be a little biased by placing them #1 for the year of 2007...But these two, along with Family Guy, had some hilarious, very entertaiing stuff this past year...And I am always up for a show that can make me have a good laugh...Life's too short not to laugh more often!

Shows I Am Looking Forward To But Haven't Got Around To This Year:

The Office - I got seasons one and two for Christmas and can't wait to sit down and watch them...I think I'll love this style of comedy.

KidNation - I only saw one episode and there is some kind of freakish draw to a show like this...I think the parents have got to be insane and I can't imagine how a network came up with this idea, but for some strange reason, I want to see more...


Justin said...

Two words.... PRISON BREAK!

Justin said...

Rob and Big should have been number 1, prison break number 2. If you were black and even somewhat cool, we would be alot like Rob and Big... just without the awesome pony.

Justin said...

Rob and Big should have been number 1, prison break number 2. If you were black and even somewhat cool, we would be alot like Rob and Big... just without the awesome pony.

david said...

I guarantee you will LOVE the Office. If you don't, mail me the discs and I'll reimburse you.