Buble Was KILLER...

I'll admit it. I was skeptical, at best. I made a lot of jokes about Michael Buble and his music to a couple guys I know who are big fans. I even jokingly offered my ticket to several people to go to his concert in my place...But I knew it would be a great time with my wife so I thought I would endure the concert in order to spend some quality time with Johanna.

And I was wrong. The Michael Buble concert last Wednesday night in Austin was killer. He is so much more than a singer. He's a comedian, an actor, and in one word - an entertainer...And a very good one at that! This is off his website:

BublĂ© spent the months his parents were away with his music-loving Italian grandfather, who introduced him to the singers who would become BublĂ©’s idols: Bobby Darin, Dean Martin, Sinatra, Ray Charles, and Elvis Presley. “These guys were triple threats,” he says. “They could sing, they could dance, they could act. They were entertainers, and I believe that’s a lost art now.

The concert was one of the best live music events I've ever been to. Great music and even better entertainment. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Naturally Seven as the opener. Check these guys here. Really cool stuff called instrumentation.
  • Buble's sense of humor. The guy is hilarious.
  • The Encore - Buble came out for an encore song and at the end he cut the band off, had his piano player play softly and sang the last chorus without ANY amplification. No mic at all. And his voice filled the Erwin Center.
  • Buble's rendition of "Home" with various clips of Texas and Austin on the screen in the background. A guy walked out of the crowd and tossed his cowboy hat to Buble during the song, which he wore as he finished it up. Check it out in this video:

Like I said, I went in as a skeptic, but I came out a fan. Next time Michael Buble comes back to Austin, I'll be there.

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