Too Spent For Words...

I've been in blog silence this week. It's because no matter how many times I've opened this up and tried to write something that would make sense it just won't come out.

My grandmother passed away Monday morning. It was sudden and unexpected. It has been a long time since I have felt this hurt and this numb at the same time.

I preached her funeral on Wednesday and did my best to sum up a life that has impacted me and many others far beyond words. I tried my best to honor someone who was my role model, my friend, my mentor, my advisor, my encourager, and my biggest fan.

Please pray for my family. Pray for my grandfather who lost his wife of 57 years, for my dad and mom, and for me & my brother and our wives. I know that we have a God who is a God of comfort and peace. He gives grace and strength in our time of need. And we are in need.

At some point, I'll try to put to words what an incredible legacy my grandmother left on this earth...But right now, I'm too spent for words...

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Rob Edwards said...

Hey Nic,
Just came by your blog off Terrace's list of bloggers who are going to WiBo....and saw this post.

If there's any comfort in it, you're not alone. I did my wife's Grandmother's funeral on Tuesday of this week. She was less than a month away from turning 98. When Grandad died 5 years ago, I did that funeral too, but not nearly as emotionally draining as this one was. They had been married 69 1/2 years when he died.

They both came to faith later in life, but when they did, they were sold-out.

What an incredible legacy has been left to us. Know you're in our prayers. Look forward to meeting you at WiBo!