Whiteboard Sessions - Mark Dever, John Burke, and Ed Stetzer

We're back from DC and we get back into the grind tonight, with our midweek student worship gathering. I am pumped because I haven't spoke to our students in a couple weeks...Ready to go tonight! But I also wanted to do some more reflecting on the Whiteboard sessions. Here are some highlights from the sessions with Mark Dever, John Burke, and Ed Stetzer.

Mark Dever - Pastor of Capital Hill Baptist Church in Washington D.C. and President of 9Marks Ministry:
  • The church will win. There is no question about it.
  • Our churches should be places where it is normal to love God and be growing spiritually. Everything else should be diverse.
  • Church is not an event to be produced, but a community to be cultivated.
  • We need to hold every member accountable to live like Jesus so his message is reflected.
  • When we read Hebrews 13:17 our souls should be fed and terrified at the same time.

John Burke - Pastor of Gateway Community Church in Austin, TX:

  • What got Jesus crucified was good, religious people addcited to self.
  • Too many times we labor to sell a spiritual product that we are not drinking deeply from ourselves.
  • The way we love God is by responding in obedience.

Ed Stetzer - Church Planter and Director of Lifeway Research

  • For most of us, ministry will not look like what we see at a conference. Conferences are like ministry pornography - something we will never have.
  • Don't be afraid to say to God, "I don't get it."
  • Too many times we teach a gospel that doesn't last through the first tragedy that comes people's way.
  • Saying "I don't know" is not a sign of spiritual immaturity, but rather a sign of maturity.

I've still got two speakers to blog about from Whiteboard - Perry Noble and Vince Antonucci. These two were my favorite sessions, so they are definitely coming...It just may be toward the end of the week.


I Am The Common Man said...

thanks for posting all of your notes. i have lived vicariously through you and this conference. so does this mean no youth specialties?

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