Beach Break - Day One...

We're here! And the Pelican has free wifi so here's a recap of day one - bulletin style:

  • We had planned to leave the church at 11:00 AM. Everyone was loaded up BEFORE 10:40 and we finally pulled out about 5 minutes early. That NEVER happens in student ministry so it shows everyone was ready to hit the beach.
  • Just in case you're wondering there is absolutely nowhere to stop and eat for a group of 50+ people in between Lockhart and Port Aransas if you take Hwy 80 and Hwy 181. We didn't stop for lunch until after 1:30 and our choices were Sonic, the world's slowest and crappiest Whataburger, and HEB...Yes, HEB the grocery store - without a deli.
  • Got to Port A around 3:30, unloaded and checked in to the Pelican, and hit the ground running. We had orientation, divided our students into their Tribes (small groups) for the week, ate supper, and had a worship service and small group time already
  • Got to spend some time chattin' with some of my students on the trip down. I LOVE to see how God is at work in our students and in this ministry!
  • I miss my wife terribly! I absolutely LOVE doing ministry together with her. And it totally sucks that she can't be here this week. Please pray for us - we've got some heavy things on our plate right now.
  • Looking forward to seeing God work in the lives of our students this week. But for now, I need some sleep!

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Taylor said...

Hey Nic! Glad to hear things are going well at the beach! Unless that Whataburger is in San Angelo, there is no way it's the slowest or crappiest...trust me...I'm usually not the "drive off out of the drive through because I'm sick of waiting" type...but I've done it more times than I care to count since moving here. I know you wish I was there trying to lead worship. Or maybe that's just me. Take care man!