A Special Day...

Today is a special day. It is my dad's birthday. I always say that I won the parent lottery. My parents really are incredible. As a Youth Pastor, I have seen the best and the worst of parents - and mine are the cream of the crop. The more I see of typical parenting, the more I realize how incredibly blessed I was and am to have the parents God's given me.

And my dad is one of my heroes. He has made countless sacrifices to provide for our family and to offer my brother and I an opportunity for an amazing life. He has always been there to encourage me, support me, and challenge me to be my best. Growing up as a kid and then a teenager, I can't remember him ever missing a football game or a little dribblers tournament. He's always not only told me he loved me, but has shown it by his actions. I hope to be half as incredible as a parent as my dad and mom are.

Happy Birthday Pops!!! I love ya!

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happy birthday mr burleson!