Praying For Your Pastors...

I read several blogs. But there are some that I DEVOUR. One of those is the blog of Perry Noble. I think he is one of the most daring, creative, challenging leaders in the church today. His writing and teaching stretch me. Tuesday he posted a blog about praying for your pastor. In fact, much of this is a summary of what Perry wrote. While I am not the Senior Pastor of our church, it got me thinking of some general ways you can pray for me and for your pastors at your church. As a pastor, let me just say this: We COVET your prayers. We NEED your prayers. Here are just a few things you can pray for me and others:

  • My Relationship With God - Far too many times we, as pastors, are really good at giving advice to others about their walk with God while allowing our ministry, work, and busy lives to cause us to neglect our own. There is not a conference, a program, or a ministry idea that can replace my time with God. Pray that my passion for God would burn deeply and that I would lead out of the overflow of my personal walk with Him.

  • My Family - No one - and I mean NO ONE - understands what a pastor's family goes through except those who have lived it. We live in glass houses. We are constantly scrutinized, criticized, and critiqued. Our wives and children are under crazy expectations of perfection and the pressure is immense. If you want to BLESS your pastors, pray for their families. And pray that your pastor would put his family before his ministry and the church.

  • Spiritual Warfare - Perry sums this one up great. He says "you would not believe what a pastor faces in regards to spiritual warfare. There are things that have happened to me that I have never preached about (or blogged about) because, well, they are intense." Pray that our walk with Jesus builds in us encouragement, hope, and freedom. And pray that we have the strength, courage, and character to resist temptation and fight against Satan's schemes.

  • My Friends - It is very difficult to have friendships that are real and authentic as a pastor. Too many times people expect you to be perfect and are completely shocked when you show that you are just a normal person and make mistakes. Pray that God places people in your pastors' paths that provide them with meaningful, encouraging friendships.

  • Rest and Health - Ministry is HARD WORK. It is intense work. Just this week I have put in almost 30 hours in two days. Our lifestyles and callings cause us to live extremely busy lives. Pray that your pastors' rest would be multiplied. Pray that his health would be blessed. Pray that rest would become a priority. And then encourage your pastor to take practical steps to rest and support him in that effort.

There are tons of other things that you could pray for me and for other pastors. You could pray for God to give us wisdom, for God's blessing in our lives and ministries, for God's provision for us, for the ability to faithfully lead the church...The list could go on and on. But here's the important part: PRAY. As pastors, we need your prayers. So just take the time each day to do it.

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George Martin said...

Dude, this is spot on. I appreciate the comment that no one can fully understand what it's like to be in ministry unless you've lived it. Just know that we pray for you guys.