The Weekend Update...

We have had a really good weekend. After a LONG week serving with my students at Mission Arlington it was nice to have the chance to just relax and hang out some. Here's the highlights - bullet style:
  • After taking students home and unloading vans, I didn't get home till almost midnight on Friday night. Needless to say, we slept in on Saturday morning.
  • Saturday morning Jo & I made a quick trip to Austin to take back the rental van. After that, I headed home to relax and lounge around all afternoon, while Jo did a little shopping in San Marcos.
  • Saturday night we went on a dinner cruise on Town Lake in Austin. It was definitely the highlight of the weekend. Zak White invited us to join their small group from The Connection Church and we had a blast hanging out with Zak & Amber and meeting some new friends.
  • The dinner cruise was really cool. But I almost died when the wind blew a tray top off of our fajita buffet table and almost decapitated me! Lucky for me, Seth stuck his arm out at the last minute and stopped the killer tray. Thanks Seth!
  • We also got to see over a million bats on the dinner cruise. These bats make the South Congress bridge in Austin their home from March to October. Our boat captain, Captain Andrew, told us that those bats fly at over 60 miles per hour and would eat over 800,000 bugs a night. Crazy!
  • Worship this morning at church was great. "My chains are gone, I've been set free. My God, My Savior, has ransomed me."
  • This afternoon Jo, Jaron, Jenna, and myself are just chillin' at the house wathing some Family Feud and Cops...good, quality entertainment.

That about sums up the weekend thus far. I've got a busy week ahead, but it's work that helps people and Jesus connect so I'm pretty pumped about it! Sometimes it blows me away that God would allow me to do what I do...but I'm glad he called me to this craziness!

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