Home Again...

We just got back yesterday from a week at Junior High Camp. I am exhausted and spent, but like so much of this summer, it is a good, fulfilling, satisfying exhaustion. It's a kingdom exhaustion. And that's a good thing. We had an incredible week. We played some crazy games, rode jet skis, tubed out on the lake, fished and swam, and had a great time hanging out together. But even better than all that fun was that God showed up. God did what only he can do and he drew so many of our teenagers closer to himself. They've made commitments. They've taken stands. And now they have the opportunity to show others what they learned at camp, not by the stories they share, but by how they live. I think God worked in some students' lives in such a way that the kingdom is going to be forever different. And when that happens, it's a week well spent.

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